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Many people today are considering cremation instead of traditional burial. It is simply a matter of personal preference. Eaton Funeral Homes believes you will make the best decision when you have a thorough understanding.

Many people are unaware of the options available when choosing cremation. Certainly, direct cremation without any form of gathering or service is an alternative, but many families consider all the options before deciding.

One of the biggest misconceptions about cremation is that you cannot have a funeral if you choose to be cremated. That is not true.
Eaton Funeral Homes can assist you and your family with any arrangement, such as a memorial service or a traditional funeral with visitation followed by cremation.

You may want to discuss your preferences with other family members to make sure they are comfortable with your decisions. Sometimes people are unsure about accepting anything other than the traditional burial. They may be more willing when they know all the facts.

Our staff of funeral directors can answer any of your questions about cremation, including how to pre-plan to make your wishes known. They can talk to you about all of your options, the costs involved, and even show you a selection of services available, including a wide range of urns.

We have a large assortment of cremation options & merchandise